A: SoundPLAN can simulate almost all types of noise sources commonly faced by engineers and consultants ranging from rail, road, industry, aircraft, indoor noise and a few others. Our full-strength version of the noise software, Version 9.0, has various modules depending, amongst other things, on the types of source requiring simulating. In order to assist with the module selection, the various modules have been grouped into ‘standard packages’, some of which focus on specific noise sources.

More information can be found on the Noise 9.0 page, or feel free to contact us directly to find out more.

A: A demo version of SoundPLAN can be downloaded from the SoundPLAN GmbH website. A trial version, which gives you full access to all of SoundPLAN’s modules, is also available (please contact the SoundPLAN team and we will be happy to send you a trial licence). This will remain active for a period of 4 weeks. If you decide to purchase the software, a HASP key and SoundPLAN USB stick will be sent to you in the post. The software can be installed from the USB stick by following the simple instructions, and we will activate your software by sending you your unique licence file. Full assistance will of course be provided throughout this process if required from the support team.

A: SoundPLAN comes in two versions, 64 or 32 bit. Running the 64-bit version enables higher processing power and memory and is the recommended version to use. 

A: SoundPLANnoise 9.0, our full-strength noise software, is a modular system, meaning that you can select from a wide range of different functions depending on your specific needs, without effectively paying for things that you don’t need. To assist with the selection, the various modules have been grouped into ‘standard packages’. We can of course add additional functionality to any of the standard packages by way of adding additional modules, depending on your specific requirements.

More information can be found on the Noise 9.0 page, or feel free to contact us directly to find out more.

A: We at the SoundPLAN UK team have extensive experience in delivering training in the specific use of the SoundPLAN modelling system as well as more general acoustic sciences. Our team have been delivering training courses in the UK for many years, as well as further afield in places such as South East Asia, continental Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We offer training courses at set points throughout the year, or can put together a more bespoke offering depending on your requirements.

More information can be found on our Training page, or feel free to contact us to find out more.

A: Upon purchase of any of the SoundPLAN software products, a year of software updates and maintenance (U&M) is included. Our team will be on hand to address any specific software issues that you may face, and any updates to the software will be provided at no additional cost. Beyond the first year, we strongly recommend that you extend the U&M contract to ensure that you continue to receive software support, maintenance updates as well as certain special offers that are released from time-to-time.

We also refer our customers to the LinkedIn Professional SoundPLAN user group where you may pick up valuable advice and can communicate with other users around the world. This user group is administered by SoundPLAN GmbH in Germany.