Training Courses

SoundPLAN Training – Beginner’s Course

The UK SoundPLAN team will be holding a two-day SoundPLAN beginner’s course at our London office on 23rd and 24th November 2021.

This course is ideal for beginner and lesser experienced SoundPLAN users. Both days will cover the basics of building and running a noise model, importing model data with geographic information and attributes, creating a digital ground model, calculation of road, rail and industry noise sources, and graphically displaying these results.


£695 + VAT per person (for both days)


Tallis House, 2 Tallis Street, Blackfriars, London EC4Y 0AB


9:30am to 3:30pm (each day)

You will be required to bring your own personal laptop during the two-day course. We will provide you with a training HASP key, the most recent version of the software, as well as all the associated training files that will be required during the course.


Places are limited, and will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Note that full payment is required prior to the training course in order to reserve and confirm your seat.

Course materials and certificates (if required) will be provided upon completion of the training.

For directions to our office, please contact the team.

Reserve Your Seat !

Bespoke Training Sessions

The UK SoundPLAN team offer personalised certified face to face or online training sessions to our customers.

You Decide !

Let us know what aspects of SoundPLAN noise modelling you would like to receive training in, and we can put together an agenda for you. This can include working through a demo project or through a noise modelling project you may have on the go.

With access to experienced practitioners in the field of acoustics, this guidance will improve your SoundPLAN knowledge, leaving you with a richer understanding and skill set in your topic of choice.


  • £550 + VAT per day for one person – Online Training
  • £700 + VAT per day for one person – Face to Face Training
  • If you would like more than one person from your company to join the training, the cost of each additional person is reduced. So let us know and we can send you a quote.
  • We can conduct face to face training either at your office or at our London office.

What you will need:

  • A computer (Windows)
  • SoundPLAN licence and corresponding HASP key (We can provide one)
  • Internet Connection (If using online training)

User Group Meetings

We hold User Group Meetings for our UK SoundPLAN community to meet one another and discuss key issues being faced by you the acoustic practitioner. At such events’ we provide an overview of new and upcoming products and updates, we discuss topical issues such as technical challenges being faced or regulatory updates, and we invite the attendees to give us feedback in terms of how we can improve our services. User Group Meetings are currently provided free of charge for our customers, and in order to keep it so we do look for volunteers within our community to offer us their meeting rooms and a Wifi connection for a couple of days – tea and coffee always goes down well too!

Keep an eye out on our website for when the next session will be held!