Why choose SoundPLAN?

SoundPLAN is the original noise modelling software. For more than 30 years SoundPLAN has been used to assist both the public and private sectors in meeting environmental, occupational health and engineering standards all over the world. SoundPLAN noise modelling products incorporate all internationally recognised standards in an intuitive, easy-to-use software system. We have always placed an emphasis on the production of high quality graphical outputs, thereby providing the most powerful means of communicating modelling results upon which key decisions can be made.

SoundPLAN’s dedicated team of software developers, acoustic engineers and support network continue to strive to offer a product that is unrivalled in its field.

For a detailed description about SoundPLAN and the software capabilities, visit www.soundplan.eu

The world-renowned SoundPLAN modelling software has been developed with our customers’ needs firmly in mind. To that end, SoundPLAN:

  • is extremely versatile in its ability to simulate various noise sources
  • performs consistently with arguably the highest accuracy when compared with its’ rivals
  • is renowned for its high quality graphical outputs
  • has an intuitive user interface making it easy to use for modellers with varying levels of experience
  • offers great value for money, comes with no ‘hidden extras’, with access to unrivaled technical support and updates