The SoundPLAN UK business is part of the award winning, international consultancy firm WKC Group. With a strong track-record of international noise consultancy work, the WKC team can bring a wealth of expertise from the point of view of a fellow SoundPLAN user, able to empathise with the day-to-day project demands that consultancy and engineering firms are under to deliver.

The SoundPLAN UK team work closely with the international software development team based in Germany. SoundPLAN’s dedicated team of software developers, acoustic engineers and support network continue to strive to offer a product that is unrivalled in its field. SoundPLAN maintains it position as the software of choice for thousands of consultants, engineers and regulators around the world.

Our story so far


SoundPLAN first hits the market

After the software development firm, Braunstein + Bert GbR was established in the previous year, SoundPLAN noise modelling software was first released in 1986 out of Ludwigsburg, Germany. SoundPLAN was one of the very first commercial noise modelling software products on the market.

Going international

Due to its ever-increasing popularity on the world market, the first international office was opened in 1999 in Backnang, Germany to support the growing international demand for what very quickly became one of the market leading noise software products. Backnang remains the ‘engine room’ of the SoundPLAN to this day, and is where the team of full-time software developers, computer scientists and engineers are based who work full time to continuously improve the software and develop new products and solutions.

David Winterbottom takes over in the UK

In 2001 the UK distributorship was taken over by the renowned physicist and acoustics engineer, David Winterbottom. David remains a fundamental part of the SoundPLAN UK team to this day.

SoundPLAN International, USA

The 30+ worldwide distributors interact with the development team via an international SoundPLAN office based in Washington state, USA, established in 2002. The international distributors help with sales and maintenance of SoundPLAN software and act as the point of contact for SoundPLAN’s valued worldwide customer base.

WKC Group

In 2017, building upon the enviable UK customer base and great product reputation achieved through David’s dedication and hard work, the UK distributorship was formerly handed over to the award winning, international environmental modelling and consultancy firm, WKC Group. WKC now runs the UK business primarily out of their central London office.

SoundPLAN GmbH, Germany

The main contact for new sales and maintaining licences for distributors has now moved from the U.S to Backnang, Germany. With the advantage of the UK being within the same time zone, the efficiency of managing new orders and providing new licence files to our customers has now been much improved.