SoundPLAN noise 8.2 has arrived!

There has been much anticipation regarding the release of SoundPLAN’s most powerful and advanced system to date. The dedicated team of software developers have made changes and improvements throughout the system, with key features including:

  • The Situation Manager has been revised with added features to simplify the organisation of your project;
  • Improvements in importing large amount of data such as automatic trimming and dividing imported objects into the areas you want;
  • For indoor noise modelling a variant concept is now available in order to define, calculate and compare different room acoustic concepts along with object grouping to further help structure your work;
  • The Building Acoustics Outside module has been completely revised with an additional implementation of flanking transmission;
  • The height of a noise source is now evaluated in reference to a building if it is defined within the outline of that building

Version 8.2 can be purchased via a one-off transaction, a flexible purchase plan, or through a hire option

Version 8.2 will come as a free upgrade from version 8.1 to customers who have U&M

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details on purchasing or upgrading to SoundPLANnoise 8.2.

Available in both 32 and 64-bit versions, SoundPLANnoise 8.2 can be used to map projects of any size and scale. Utilising the many incorporated tools the modelling of industry, transport and buildings becomes efficient and user-friendly.

All major international noise propagation standards are seamlessly integrated into this advanced, professional system making it the software of choice for thousands of engineers and consultants around the world.

SoundPLANnoise 8.2 is a modular system, allowing users to select those modules that best represent their needs. In order to simplify the process, our most popular combinations of modules have been grouped together into Standard Packages.

UK Standard Packages

SoundPlan UK Packages

SoundPLAN Module Description PDF : Download

Additional Module Options

  • 3D Graphics Animation
  • Wall design
  • Window dimensioning
  • Building acoustics
  • Noise allotment 
  • Aircraft noise
  • And more! Contact us for more details