The high value option

SoundPLAN Essential 4.0

Essential 4.0 is our increasingly popular, high value option for those users that want maximum processing power, but don’t mind compromising on some of the flexibility that its sister software provides. Essential combines the legendary SoundPLAN calculation core with a simple data input editor that has no artificial limitation on job size, is very intuitive to use, and provides striking results in a very short time. Essential includes road, rail and industrial source types and can include noise barriers for assessment of remedial measures.

Projects that do not require the same complexity as is being offered in the full-strength noise planning software products such as Noise 8.1 can be handled with Essential.

If you purchase Essential and then later decide to upgrade to Version 8.1, we will deduct the price that you paid for Essential from the price of Version 8.1 (and of course you still get to keep your copy of Essential!).

Existing Essential 4.0 users will be able to upgrade to the upcoming ‘4-series’ updates (i.e. 4.1, 4.2, etc.) for free! Users will be contacted when the next upgrade is ready, and do keep checking the website for further information.

Anyone wishing to upgrade to Essential 4.0 from earlier versions please do not hesitate to contact the team for a quotation.

Essential vs Version 8.1 capabilities

- Version 8.0 Essential
Unlimited Geo-files
Coordinate and attribute data import
Road, rail and industry noise
Single frequencies, octave and third octave bands
Hourly time history
Source library
High performance calculation core
Multi-core calculation
Distributed computing
Indoor factory noise
Single receiver calculation
Noise contour maps
Cartography enhancements
3D solid view of model generation
3D model outputs and animations
Aircraft noise